Blackburn England Travel Review

The Avenue Hotel guest house

The hotel is located in Blackburn, England, and 7km from Georges hall. It is a friendly place with welcoming staff who meet your needs. The decorated rooms are spacious, clean, and have comfortable beds. The owners offer fantastic English breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moreover, the rooms are equipped with a flat-screen television, DVD players, bath/ shower, dining table, closet, and towels.

The available facilities are parking, internet, luggage storage, and wireless network. Others include Chimney offers entertainment, family services, outdoor activities, reception, and daily cleaning services. Furthermore,It has designed smoking areas and non-smoking rooms. Lastly, there are Outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and golf course, are available. It takes 50 minutes drive from Manchester airport to get here.

Attraction sites nearby

King Georges Hall

It is a hall used for a performance which is set in Blackburn, England. It is divided into three parts, namely the concert hall, Windsor suite, and Blakeys cafĂ© car holding a capacity of 1800, 750, and 500, respectively. Furthermore, there is ample parking zone through the venue’s walking distance.

Anyone can access seats because lifts and ramps are available for wheelchair users except the balcony of the concert hall. Toilets are available for people with disability, as well as hoop systems, earpieces, and headsets for mild deaf.

Elwood Park

This is a football stadium found in Blackburn and home of football founder members and premier league known as Blackburn Rovers FC. It is a big stadium that holds a capacity of 31,367 people and facilitates multisports. The park is divided into sections, such as riverside stand, jack walker stand, riverside stand, and Ronnie Clayton end. It is not only home for Blackburn rovers but also hosts football final league and rugby.

Blackburn golf club

It is a hidden gem located in Blackburn and welcomes visitors to have fun. The golf club was found in 1894 as engineering and cotton town then improved over the years. The new-look of appealing views on hills and coast is far from the original look where animals grazed. Experienced staff, administration team, and caterers ensure that you get a warm welcome to remember the day.

Blackburn with Darwen services

It was first opened in 1997 to improve and develop the local economy. The building design is odd and has many entrances on the desired facility, as well as a full supermarket unit. The mc Donald structure is built different, unlike other buildings, and does not have a motel above it. Additionally, charging points for electric vehicles are going to be installed soon.

Houghton tower

This is a fortified house found 1 km in a village called Houghton, Blackburn. The name originated from the Houghton family, who were historical owners for 12 century. It is a place visited by royal guests like Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, Queen Mary, William III, James I, Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare. Additionally, the tower is a destination of education, entertainment, culture, and store history for future generations.

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