Luxury Holiday Properties Vs. Traditional Holiday Villas

Both luxury holiday properties and traditional holiday stone villas have redefined vacation accommodations since entering the hospitality scene. However, luxury holiday properties have a definite advantage: elegance, extravagance, and opulence.

Many vacationers donĂ¢t realize that the traditional holiday villa is a broad category. A holiday villa can mean a vacation home rental or a multi-bedroom unit at a resort.

Types Of Spa Treatments


Spa treatments are available at many locations. When looking for a spa that will provide you with many different treatments, it is essential to look around and get what you need. For more information, read more about Bakwena Spa in Centurion.

Picnic Time! What To Bring And Not To Bring

Hey we all love picnics right? I was on vacation recently at a lovely spot in Australia called Fitzroy Island. It was the perfect picnic spot, but we weren't prepared for a picnic really.

So it had me wondering what is the perfect picnic setup for any location, abroad on your vacation or right at home in your backyard beach spot.

Tips To Staying Healthy During Your Trip

By completing your shots, you increase your chances of avoiding a The same is true if you're travelling with pets. You must ensure they get the right vaccinations and papers otherwise they will not be able to travel. See this guide more tips for travelling with dogs.

First of all, the most basic vaccinations are always important wherever you go, but in certain countries, additional shots are required.

Choosing Different Types Of Caribbean Charter Brokers Yachts

When browsing for a Caribbean charter yacht to book, make sure you have a thorough look of the yacht charter brokers catalog to help you choose the one that best meets your taste and needs. You also have the option to choose a Caribbean yacht charter that mostly takes passengers to the finest scuba diving locations.

Experience A Genuine Turkish Bath At The Suleymaniye Hamam

The place is just amazing and It is in great condition for such an old building and worth the trip for sightseeing with a twist. It's one of those little known tourist destinations that everyone should hear about. Click here for other top travel ideas.

The 450-year-old building happens to be the only hamam in Turkey that allows mixed gender, where men and women can bathe together.

Take Trip To South Africa’s Dinosaur Park In Mpumalanga

It is also known as the Paradise Country. Mpumalanga means east, which happens to be where the sun rises. Sunsets are obviously spectacular in this part of South Africa. It must surely be one of the most beautiful travel destinations anywhere on the planet.

Most of the common attractions in Mpumalanga are the Sudwala Caves, Kruger National Park and the Blyde River Canyon.