Experience A Genuine Turkish Bath At The Suleymaniye Hamam

Suleymaniye Hamam is one of Turkeys famous hamams or baths. In 1557, the traditional Turkish bath was commissioned by Sultan Suleyman and was designed by the well-known Turkish architect Mimar Sinan. This makes it a unique and historically interesting place to visit while travelling in Turkey.

The bath still continues to operate today. The place is just amazing and the architectural design features domes, archways and marble inlays that have stood the test of time. It is in great condition for such an old building and worth the trip for sightseeing with a twist. It’s one of those little known tourist destinations that everyone should hear about. Click here for other top travel ideas.

The 450-year-old building happens to be the only hamam in Turkey that allows mixed gender, where men and women can bathe together. They are open every day 7 days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM. The Turkish bath costs 40 Euro per person. They also accept payments in Turkish lira and dollars. Unfortunately, they do not accept credit cards. Reservations should be made in advance.

The traditional hamam experience takes you back to the time of the Ottoman period. They continue the tradition of heating the hamam only by natural oakwood fires for 24 hours. This practice has always been done since 1550.

This place is quite family-friendly. There is no place for single males or females to bathe, they will not be admitted. The hamam is best suitable for families and couples. However, children below 4 years old will not be allowed into the hamam. Children 4 to 6 years old are free and children over 6 years old will have to pay the same price of 40 Euros. Families with children are advised to come between 11 AM to 10 PM.

The best times to visit for adults are around 9:45 AM and 3 PM. If you happen to be pregnant, the hamam only accepts women who are at least 2 months pregnant. If you are more than 2 months pregnant, unfortunately, you will not be admitted.

Bathing suits are provided for the adults but you are also welcome to bring your own bathing suit. The service includes a towel or pestemal wrap for men, and bra and shorts for women. It also includes takunya or slippers and lockable changing rooms. If you are bringing your kids with you to the hamam bath, you might want to bring bathing suits for them.

The hamam experience would take about an hour up to an hour and a half. It starts in the hot bath area where you sit and get steamed. Next are the exfoliation and soap massage treatment provided by the masseurs. Just a heads up, the masseurs happen to be all male and are very professional. Masseur services include washing, soap massage, and peeling or scrubbing.

Suleymaniye Hamam is located in Mimar Sinan Caddesi No:20 Süleymaniye, Istanbul. If you are leaving from the Vezneciler Metro Stop, walk towards the direction of Suleymaniye Mosque. If you are coming by train you could stop either at the Grand Bazaar or Eminönü Stop. From the Grand Bazaar, you can walk by foot from Istanbul University down to Fuat Pasha Street going to Suleymaniye Mosque. From Eminönü go to Istanbul Commerce University and follow through Professor Cemil Birsen street until you reach the Suleymaniye Mosque. The hamam is located at the East Gate of the mosque.

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