Take Trip To South Africa’s Dinosaur Park In Mpumalanga

South Africa is an amazing place. Did you know that it contains some of the oldest archaeological fossil sites in the world? It is surrounded by the Indian and Atlantic oceans. It is home to many endemic species and endangered animals.

Popular places to visit in South Africa are Cape Town, Eastern Cape, Durban or KwaZulu Natal and Johyannesberg. But there are also amazing places in other parts of South Africa, such as Mpumalanga, The Limpopo, The North West Province, The Northern Cape and Free State.

In this article we are going to talk more about Mpumalanga, a province that can be found in East of South Africa. Mpumalanga was originally known as Eastern Transvaal, but the name was changed in August 1995. It is also known as the Paradise Country. Mpumalanga means east, which happens to be where the sun rises. Sunsets are obviously spectacular in this part of South Africa. It must surely be one of the most beautiful travel destinations anywhere on the planet.

Most of the common attractions in Mpumalanga are the Sudwala Caves, Kruger National Park and the Blyde River Canyon. But if youre looking to go to a place different from the other popular tourist spots, the Sudwala Dinosaur Park is that place to be.

The Dinosaur Park is a beautiful forest garden located near the Sudwala Caves. There is an abundant presence of monkeys and red-breasted cuckoos around the area. The park has a viewing deck which makes the Rainforest Valley visible. You might be able to spot and observe some wild chacma baboons from this safe distance.

So whats in the dino park that makes it special? Just to be clear, there are no real dinosaurs in existence. You wont see any dinosaurs frolicking around like in the Jurassic Park movie. Instead, the museum has an amazing display of life-sized pre-historic animals.

The amazing display was brought to life by artist, Jan van Zijl. Here is a list of the types of animal models that you can find in Sudwala Dinosaur Park:
· Amphibious reptiles
· Ancient reptiles
· Dinosaurs
· Pre-historic mammals
· Pre-historic man
· Nile Crocodiles

Sub-Saharan African stone works and ruins can also be found here. The Sudwala Stone Ruins can take you on an epic journey and provide a glimpse of how settlements where in Mpumalanga thousands of years ago. The guided tour is called Walk of the Ancients. It takes about 90 minutes and is filled with ancient knowledge and history about stone walls, ruins, artifacts and architecture.

The Sudwala Dinosaur Park is open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM daily. They charge a fee of R70 for adults and R40 for children. Children under 5 years old are free of charge.

The Sudwala Stone Ruins tour can be booked through email. Dress code is required for the tour and it is only for adults. Best time to book the tour would be the dry season as the tour is not possible in wet weather.

Mpumalang will astound you. There is so much to explore than what meets the eye.

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